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Sharon | Taken | 99 liner | BAP~~

Getting to know B.A.P

Yongguk: Deep ass voice, same age as Luhan but looks like he's 10 years older than him. 2 kewl for aegyo. Awkward as fuck. Likes the booty, so if you catch someone staring at butts, that's him
Himchan: The other deep ass voice. Think he's sexy and hot that every shows he appears in should be marked Rated R. Also looks like a vampire in blond hair and dark makeup
Daehyun: Doesn't really care much about the booty, just food. Always food, forever food, food fo lyfe, future fatty. Likes to eat cheesecake, burgers, Youngjae, and meat. Doesn't really like grapes, well it's okay cause grapes don't like you either
Youngjae: One of the things that Daedae likes. Really adorable, much squishy but can become a big bitch when he starts explaining things to his member just because he's "smart"
Jongup: Always smiling, you'll never know what's going on in his mind. Understands the difference between practice and chicken really clearly.
Zelo: The tall ass maknae. Can rap really fast to the point where you don't even have a clue on what he's saying. He could be calling you a donkey bitch and constantly insult you nonstop without you knowing